Uniqop: a special online grocery store

Uniqop is a special online grocery store that provides all kinds of groceries from all brands. Uniqop’s online grocery store focuses on Persian food and its ingredients. All Persian food lovers out of Iran, have issues finding the right ingredients such as Persian rice. Uniqop has gathered a valuable collection of groceries that you need to cook Persian foods. From Gormeh Sabzi’s herbs to Tahdig’s bread you can find whatever you need at Uniqop’s online store with some simple clicks and without wasting time and energy in traffic. Shopping from Uniqop is easy, time-saving, and enjoyable.


Moreover, Uniqop has an excellent selection of Persian food recipes in detail. By following Uniqop’s recipes you can find every detail about the Persian food you like to cook. All information including the time you need for cooking, the preparation time, and all nutrition facts that can help you. Uniqop’s Persian food recipes include serving styles that teach you all about appetizers, side dishes, and proper drinks with the Persian foods. You can cook the most delicious Ghormeh Sabzi, Tahdig, and Shirazi salads with the knacks that Uniqop has provided for you. If so far cooking Persian rice was such an effort out of Iran, with the birth of Uniqop, you can put an end to those efforts and confidently rely on Uniqop on cooking Persian food and providing Persian food ingredients.


Uniqop is an online platform for all Persian food lovers that provides both ingredients and recipes to ease Persian food cooking. Uniqop online Persian grocery store is now available in California and soon will be available all over America. Uniqop’s online Persian food recipes are available for all Persian food lovers around the world. Whether you are a master chef or you are a toddler in Persian cuisine, you can count on Uniqop’s support for making ore delicious Persian foods. Follow Uniqop to create the best Persian tables and host the most remarkable parties with Persian food.


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